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Build an Addition or Buy a New Home?

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

In their lifetime, one of the big questions many homeowners face is: Should we build an addition or buy a new home? Life changes, which include growing families, the desire to accommodate aging parents or a wish to expand or improve a home often prompt this question.

What are a few pros and cons of an making an addition to your home?

  • PRO: There’s often a high cost to value ratio and, at resale, homeowners often recoup what they put in.
  • PRO: It’s less expensive than purchasing a new home.
  • PRO: Working with your design build firm, you can create space you want and will love.
  • CON: You may still lose money when you sell. As we’ve seen with our current economy, there are no guarantees with anything.
  • CON: Additions can bring increased costs in heating, cooling and with other items.
  • CON: Additions can use up yard space.

Do you have questions about the feasibility of making an addition to your home? Call me anytime at (301) 946-2356 to discuss them. I’ll give you straight answers and share insight from my 20 years in the remodeling business.

David Merrick

Got Nagging Handyman Projects?

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Do you have nagging handyman projects that need to be done around your home? You’re not alone. Today, many homeowners suffer from a “poverty of time” that perpetually hinders them from completing small home repair projects.

Additionally, as homes age, they require more repairs (like cars and people!). In 2007, it was estimated that more than half of the homes in America were older than 25 years.

Projects offered by handyman service providers can include:


  • caulking
  • cabinets
  • update countertops
  • new sinks & faucets


  • replace/add cabinets
  • countertops
  • new flooring
  • update appliances


  • drywall
  • flooring
  • shelving
  • moulding
  • repair steps


  • replace screens
  • update windows
  • repair door


  • repair and replacement of deck materials
  • staining
  • new railings

A few years ago, Merrick Design and Build began to develop our handyman division to assist clients with small home projects. To get your nagging handyman projects done, please click here or contact me at (301) 946-2356.

David Merrick